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Rand water and Johannesburg water hopes to find a permanent solution to water challenges.

Rand Water and Johannesburg Water still battling to mitigated water supply challenges in Hurst Hill and surrounding areas as the Hurst Hill Reservoir remains low.

Rand Water’s Eikenhof Pumping Station was shut down for two hours on Saturday, 5 June 2021 to enable City Power to fix an electrical fault on the power line, a setback that negatively impacted recovery. 

Sipho Mosai, Chief Executive Rand Water says the water supply system recovers slowly during the day due to high water demand, with no further interruptions the trend indicates that the system recovery will be much better towards the end of this week. 

Johannesburg Water says it has since worked on cross feeding Helen Joseph Hospital through the Brixton Tower and continues to monitor water levels to ensure adequate supply. 

“The hospital will be switched back to the Hurst Hill Reservoir once water levels improve,” says Ntshavheni Mukwevho.

Mukwevho said at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, Johannesburg Water is pumping water directly to their header reservoirs and Rand Water provided additional water tankers currently deployed at the hospital. 

“The hospital will by end of June be connected directly to the neighbouring Crosby Reservoir supply area to enable consistent water supply.”

Both entities say they remain committed to finding a permanent solution to the Hurst Hill Reservoir water supply challenges. 

“Provision of roaming water tankers to affected surrounding areas continues,” said Mukwevho.

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