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“Each day presents a new opportunity to make your dreams a reality,”says Esté Gross lol

Esté Gross’ talents know no bounds. Not only is she a well-known broadcaster and newsreader, but she is also an accomplished compiler and columnist. In addition, she is a skilled singer and songwriter – a talent that is evident in her newly released second single, HEMELRUIM

The single, a collaboration with Len Muller, focuses on making the most of every day. “Each day presents a new opportunity to make your dreams a reality,” says Esté. “However, you must have faith and collect the manna provided.”

Written by Esté, the alternative pop folk song was inspired by Exodus 16, where God makes it rain manna from heaven. “I was thinking about how much time passes while people are held back by fears or disappointments from the past, and how they use these fears and disappointments as an excuse for not reaching for their dreams,” she explains. 

While the song is meant to inspire others, the singer-songwriter admits that it also reminds her to be fearless and to face life with faith, one day at a time. HEMELRUIM shares a message of persistence despite setbacks; a message to not lose faith. It is a message everybody needs right now.”   

Esté met Len while interviewing him for her series, Hier en Anderkant die Blouberge“I really liked his arrangement of ‘Sarie Marais’, which he recorded with Stef Bos. I asked if he would like to collaborate on HEMELRUIM and, thankfully, the song resonated with him,” she says. “Len is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter, and I was impressed by his integrity and professionalism. Of course, he is also a lot of fun to work with!”

“Esté approached me with this beautiful song, and I couldn’t resist,” says Len. “In addition, I try to make the most of every opportunity to help other musicians as I received a lot of help when I was starting out.”

For Esté, singing is as natural as breathing. “My mom used to play the guitar and sing to me before going to bed each night. I started singing lessons with my mentor, Erna Grimbeek at the age of fourteen and studied classical music at University for two years,” she says. During this time, she also obtained a degree in Communication. 

Although she initially concentrated on her career as broadcaster, newsreader, compiler and columnist, her passion for music persisted and she has been performing at events for more than a decade. She has now decided to start a new chapter by focusing more on her music career. 

Esté is inspired by everything around her, and her musical influences are diverse. In addition, she admires all artists who are not afraid to imbue their music with something unique. Having already worked with Len – who is best known for the hit song Vrede, the theme song for the star-studded sitcom Mense Mense – she says that working with Karen Zoid, Elvis Blue, Bard, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Anna Davel and the Stellenbosch University Choir would be a dream come true.  

 The most important lesson she has learned from performing and meeting other artists, she says, is that you need to be innovative and versatile to survive in the music industry. “Musicians and artists are the most resilient people I have ever met. Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances is unmatched.”

The song can be downloaded here:

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