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Tshwane aims to improve billing accuracy on customer accounts

One of the challenges related to account payments has been estimations on customer accounts, which has led to some customers disputing their account balances.

The City of Tshwane’s MMC for finance Mare-Lisa Fourie says through continuous oversight and targeted interventionsby her office and the work of the management officials, the finance department has seen an improvement in the status of actual meter readings.

“The improvement in billing based on actual readings has improved from 27% for the month of January 2021 to 79% for the month of June 2021,” says Fourie.

She says their aim is to ensure that account statements reflect actual readings.

Fourie says some customers will notice that corrections will be made on their  statements as a result of actual readings reflecting on their accounts.

“Such corrections will show a credit for changes based on estimated consumption at the applicable tariff during the affected period,” she says.

Meanwhile the City of Tshwane has requested customers to allow meter readers access to their properties where applicable to take actual readings.

“It is of critical importance that customers ensure that the readings are submitted by the correct dates as set out in at the annual billing calendar,” adds Fourie.

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