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Violent protests hinder provision of services in Gauteng

The Gauteng government has raised concerns about the impact of the recent sporadic acts of violence and lawlessness in parts of the province as services gets disrupted.

This current volatile environment  has seen the people of Gauteng struggling  to get to their places of employment due to limited access and services gets disrupted.

According to the spokesperson for Gauteng Premier Vuyo Mhaga, some provincial government services, including vaccination sites in the affected areas have had to temporarily close due to safety concerns.

“Emergency Medical Services teams are equally experiencing difficulty in responding to distress calls in communities due to limited access,” said Mhaga.

Mhaga said the situation is being assessed by the provincial law enforcement agencies who are now being assisted by the South African National Defence Force(SANDF).

“The provincial government appeals to  the people of Gauteng to act responsibly and desist from lawless acts that results in disruptions of much needed services by the citizens of Gauteng,” said Mhaga.

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