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The Tshwane’s armoured ambulance proves its value to the Gauteng Province

The City of Tshwane Emergency Services Department deployed its armoured ambulance to assist the Gauteng Provincial Emergency Services during the unrest in Alexandra.

MMC for Community Safety Alderman Karen Meyer says the Tshwane ESD was requested on the 11 of July 2021. She also said, “The ambulance is deployed into Alexandra with SAPS escort to service reported outstanding emergency calls.”

Meyer sadly said, “Alexandra is declared as a no-go area and no ordinary ambulances were able to respond and deploy in the area.” 

She mentioned that a large proportion of outstanding calls were cancelled, some patients were transported in private vehicles because of a delay of getting the medical assistance.

The armoured ambulance is taken as a great help to the Gauteng Province as it is crewed with two life support and two basic life support practitioners to help anyone who can get injured, including their law enforcement team members.

Meyer also added that the crewmembers have been provided with ballistic vest protection and all the COVID-19 PPEs.

As yet, the ESD emergency medical services attended to two incidents and one was a suspected COVID-19 related death. She noted that the armoured ambulance has again proven its valuable purpose during this incident.

“We emphatically say no looting and violence and appreciate the efforts of our law enforcement and emergency and disaster management personnel, as well as the various community stakeholders who continue to play their part in ensuring that our communities and residents are safe,” she concluded.

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