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Lalela Mswane’s rights are fully protected by the Supreme Law of our country

Education Activist Hendrick Makaneta salutes Lalela Mswane for her bravery and resilience as she carries on to participate at the 70th Miss Universe pageant.

“Lalela Mswane studied law at the University of Pretoria under difficult circumstances. Most of the people who are now trying to tell her what to do and what not to do were nowhere to be found at that time. Today they have a nerve to want to dictate to the young lady. I will be supporting Lalela at the upcoming event in Israel and will not be dictated to by arm chair critics.” Makaneta said.

It is a good thing that Lalela did not succumb to bullying tactics by the Department of Sports and some of the NGOs. 

It is also encouraging that there are South Africans who stood their ground and supported Lalela’s decision to go ahead and be part of other contestants at the prestigious event. 

Freedom of association is enshrined in Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,1996. Lalela is fully protected by the Constitution and no amount of marches and demonstrations should deter her from her  goal of attaining the crown of Miss Universe. 

“Let all peace loving people stand by Lalela as she proceeds to make the country proud.”

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