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Cholera death toll climbs to 12 in Hammanskraal



The cholera death toll in Hammanskraal has reached 12, as confirmed by the Gauteng Department of Health on Monday, May 22. It has long been known by residents in the area that the tap water is unsafe for consumption.

In response to the situation, the Tshwane municipality issued a health warning on Sunday, advising residents against drinking water from the taps due to safety concerns.

Following the ten deaths in Hammanskraal, around 100 people are now showing symptoms of cholera.

According to Motalatale Modiba, the spokesperson, “As of last night, we have admitted 37 people to the hospital, and since May 15, the hospital has attended to an additional 95 individuals seeking medical attention.”

The City of Tshwane has taken action by dispatching response teams and collecting water samples for further testing. Meanwhile, water tankers have been supplying water to residents in certain areas.

A significant number of Hammanskraal residents have already stopped consuming tap water and have switched to using bottled water instead.
A construction worker in the area mentioned that he became aware of the cholera deaths through Facebook, but he didn’t require the government to inform him about the water’s safety since he could taste its quality himself.

“The water in Hammanskraal is not suitable for drinking; it’s only suitable for washing. We buy water from shops because the water from the taps appears to be dirty.”

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